Our Oysters

We grow Crassostrea Virginica oysters, which once populated the Chesapeake Bay by the billions.  We use off bottom, cage culture methods with aggressive tumbling, which allow us to constantly monitor the growth and health of our stock.  Our triploid oysters spend most of their grow-out in the mouth of Occohannock Creek, in sight of the Chesapeake Bay.  Once they reach market size, we employ an age-old technique of “salting them up” in floated cages on the seaside in Magothy Bay.  The higher salinity levels found in Magothy add to their “merroir,” producing a flavor profile that is balanced with salty brine up front, and finishes with hints of cedar and spice.

  • Ship Shoals

Named after one of the Eastern Shore’s uninhabited barrier islands, Ship Shoals are our best- selling oyster.  They are deep-cupped, seaside floated, 3 - 3.5 inch oyster, and are perfect for half-shell preparation.  Served naked, with fresh lemon or mignonette, the Ship Shoal is tough to beat.

  • Little Bitches (Petite Beaches for those requiring a PG-13 name)

Our favorite Henlopen City Oyster House barkeep, helped us with naming the sassiest oyster of them all. Little Bitches are a quintessential petite cocktail oyster. They measure in at 2-2.5 inches, are full flavored, and floated on the seaside.

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