Growing Process

Native Eastern U.S. oysters are species Crassostrea Virginica. Where they grow along the east coast creeks and waterways gives the oysters their unique varietal shape and flavor. We buy seed oysters ¼ inch in size from hatcheries which fertilize and grow the spat in a controlled environment. They are bred as triploids which make them a sexless variety and as such, you can eat them year round including the “R” months. It is the natural reef growing, sexual oyster (diploids) to avoid during non “R” months because they can be milky and taste strange.

Our oysters grow through a 3 bag process. The tiny spats are placed in a small mesh nylon bag with plenty of room to grow, and when the bag is full, the oysters are cleaned of mud or silt, culled for size and moved to the next size mesh bag to repeat the process. The bags are placed in cages which keep the oysters off of the bottom of the waterway. The clean tidal waters of Occohannock Creek help our oysters grow on quality nutrients to be their perfectly plump size. Eventually, the oysters are large enough to grow in cages without bags and when the shells become 3 to 3-1/2 inches in size, they are floated on the seaside of the Virginia Peninsula to achieve our signature salt taste. Partners Don and Ted are part of the 3 person crew to bag, cull, float, and prepare the oysters for boxing on sales day. They are hand counted so that only the best are sold.

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