About Cobb Station Oyster, LLC

In the summer of 2010, Cobb Station Oyster Company LLC was started as a small family business, by 2 men with a love for oysters, the sea, and the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Partner Donny Miles, an Oyster, Virginia native, is a third generation waterman whose family has decades of experience in the oyster, conch gill netting and crabbing businesses.

Partner Ted Nowakowski, a business owner from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, has been coming south to the Eastern Shore of Virginia all of his life for his love of the water, fishing, and good seafood.

Together with their families and local help, they planted a million oysters in August 2010. Over the coming years they will be dedicated to closely monitoring, growing, and caring for the oysters while expanding annual production, bringing you fine quality fresh oysters from the Eastern Shore.