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Our New Products

Broadwater Oyster Company is excited to introduce our three newest products:

Broadwater Clams

Available in Little Neck and Middle Neck sizes, these delicious clams are grown and floated in Virginia's Magothy Bay.


Great for roasting and steaming, these oysters are the same as our Broadwaters, but are not floated on the seaside in Magothy Bay.

Little Bitches

Measuring in at just 2.5 inches, these are the perfect petite cocktail oysters.

Call Ted at 302-542-4465 for pricing and more information.

Welcome to the Broadwater Oyster Company

Our oysters are caged raised in Occohannock Creek within sight of the Chesapeake Bay. They are hand culled weekly and then floated seaside of the VA Peninsula to infuse salt taste before sale… fresh to your plate.

Did You Know?

By eating farm raised oysters you are making a healthy food choice and doing your part to help us clean our bays and waterways. One oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day thus removing nitrates form their environment.

The Broadwater...

North and south stretches the long white strip of sand as far as the eye can reach. In front rolls and curls and thunders the surf. Behind me lies in shimmering beauty the mirror of the Broadwater Bay, nine miles wide and eighty miles long. There is not a human habitation in sight. Above me the infinite space, flecked now with white, swift-flying clouds - I dream of a world without railroads, or mail - the happy hunting-ground the red man saw in visions of the olden time.

From: The Life Worth Living: A Personal Experience, Thomas Dixon, Jr.